Providing Choice

I love open-source, seriously I really love open source. Back in May – Samuele said it would be cool to add Gulp support, Michaux submitted a Pull request to address it.

The problem we faced – was that we did not want to replace Gulp with Grunt but instead to provide choice to the developer what to use. What the tireless Drew did was to orchestrate this and extend the mean init command to provide some interaction using the inquiry node package.

This PR joined a bunch of others concerning adding SASS support or LESS support, working with other frameworks instead of bootstrap, or even working with different dbs.

We need to maintain a balance between focus/opinionated approach and providing choice. Express, Mongo and even Angular have alternatives and people want to use MEAN with different task-runners, databases and front end frameworks.

I’m excited for the first time we provide choice (on a much anticipated and requested feature) and see this as an important step forward as the framework grows and provides more versatile use-cases.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 6.05.20 PM