Ninja(s) of the month(es) – Dec/Jan 2015

Well the community has gone a long ways in the past couple of monthes. We have agreed upon a clear roadmap we have routine recorded meetings which are summarized in the wiki in the Meetings page. The gitter is busy we people collaborating, joking around and supporting each other… In this activity there are two people I wish to thank and commedate which have been true MEANingfull ninjas.

Brock Mckean

Brock started hanging out in the some of the meetings we’ve had but has slowly become the gitter guardian – helping out and supporting on the “quieter” US timezone, as time goes by he’s more and more active with more and more contributions – namely helping test the ng branch and get ready for mean-0.4.3 – rock on!

Almog Baku

Boy Wonder, The JS Kid 🙂 , Almog has been super active helping us with security bugs, breaking apart and putting together the whole way grunt works and giving the ability to inject grunt tasks from packages and contributing the mean-compass package (and helping me change mean-cli to work with packages in github or other remotes). Almog was crucial helping team meanio (and thneura) win second prize in an IOT hackathon and is simply fun to argue with and imagine the MEANingful future with. Good Job Man!