0.4.4 and Milos, the support hero

Hello Hello,
I just tagged 0.4.4 yesterday which mainly was focusing on one task runner (gulp), simplifying the installation process and pushing out some bugfixes and stability after the larger more massive changes in 0.4.3 which where mostly under the hood (with big changes and refactoring to the meanio package – the “kernel” of mean).
One of the community members I’d love to spotlight (and give the prestegious ninja of the month -Feb/March award) is Miloš Stanić, which has been building http://mcalc.net.
He started participating in some of the project leadership talks we had but has basically been one of the most helpful and persistent people supporting others in the gitter, our community will grow because of people like Milos which are there to help newcomers but also to extend and forward the framework with work he’s submitted regarding the refactor of the user authentication to work with jwt and his very nice implementation of angular-material in mcalc.net
Milos – thanks for helping lead this community – I owe you a T-shirt (will create a new batch soon).

  • qm69

    Ha, I was born on March 19. Thanks alot for birthday gift.