Welcome to the mean network

I want to invite you to join – http://network.mean.io

When we created the mean packages support (a year ago!) we wanted to create a rich package ecosystem with people reusing packages and contributing like many other open source frameworks (rails, Drupal, Symfony etc..) Looking back – that didn’t really work out…

When looking at what actually happened community members like the guys from qed42 or Almog Baku tried to use the system but we quickly understood we need the ability to manage the packages, to understand their usage statistics, to see issues and PRS.

An important thing to understand is that any package published gets pushed to our git repository in http://git.mean.io This is an instance of gitlab a great open-source project which lets you do whatever you can do with github.

Package Lifecycle

Lets overview a package’s lifecycle so we can understand how this works…
When you build a mean app you think about the features you want to introduce and create or reuse packages that deliver that functionality.
Lets overview the system…

Package creation

To create your own package run

$ mean package myPackage

This will scaffold a custom package under packages/custom/myPackage

Package publication

Once you are happy with the package and might want to share it with other people you can publish it using the next series of commands – First register/login in to the system

$ mean register 

This will create a user in the mean network (we’ll refer to it in myUserName) To publish the package run –

$ cd packages/custom/myPackage
$ mean publish

The result will be uploaded to http://git.mean.io/myUserName/myPackage You should be able to login in to the gitlab using the credentials you registered with within the gitlab you can open issues , accept merge requests add collaborators…

Package maintenance

Once we created a package you can see and manage packages by logging in to http://network.mean.io (early alpha) you’ll be able to look at your package see graphs of packages and have quick access to different aspects of you packages.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 5.46.48 PM

Clicking on each package you can see all of the data in the package page…

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 5.59.47 PM

I invite you all to join the mean network and to manage your contributions there Meet you in http://network.mean.io !

  • CD

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  • Ajay Patel


    I am new to Mean.io, and i am trying to setup my first project. I am getting following error while gulp command execute.

    (node:2556) DeprecationWarning: node –debug is deprecated. Please use node –inspect instead.
    Debugger listening on

    throw e;
    please any one help me with resolution.