0.5 coming…

We’re working on the 0.5 merges and this is going to be a very exciting release and the last one before 1.0! This is the first time we’re adding new functionality and features in almost a year. The highlights will be

  1. Clean URL’s (html5 push state support).
  2. Angular seo support.
  3. swagger support (express api endpoints browsing and interaction).
  4. jwt web token support
  5. Move mean-admin in to core
  6. Build in deeper (optional) connections to the mean network

These are exciting times and as 0.5 stabilises it will become the release candidate for the 1.0 release. I’m eager to start working on the 2.x branch which will work with angular-2 and es6, feel free to jump in and test, brainstorm and effect the direction the project is going… See you in the discussions at http://gitter.im/linnovate/mean

  • John Allen

    Great work Lior. Great work.

  • Adam Dougherty

    finally got meanio working after no experience with a mean stack, keep up the good work, starting my dev now!

  • Karl Halasz

    I’m new to mongo, angular and express, I’ve only a few weeks experience in javascript, but it was really easy to deploy the mean stack on openshift and locally on my windows 7. I didn’t manage till now to deploy the same installation on openshift and on windows 7. But thats not so important for me at the moment. My main aim is to study your wonderful work and understand its working and the workflow for making a packege. I think it’s worth the time

    Thanks very much for this great work


  • Sorry to bother, I’m successfully run test site on my local UbuntuKylin 15.05.

    But I want to know how could I change the home page from the test page to my own? Thanks in advance.

  • Zlo

    And when?

    • Lior Kesos

      It’s allready out for a month – I didn’t have time to blog about the release.
      I will put up a post about 0.5.5