0.5.5 – hamsa/hamsa/hamsa

“Hamsa” is a word in hebrew and arabic meaning the number 5 – it also is a palm-shaped amulet which is supposed to bring good luck. I think that 0.5.5 (and the whole 0.5.x branch) is a good candidate to brings lots of luck to your new (and existing) mean project.

0.5 was released on may 14th and is the first time we added new functionality to mean.io since packages where released in the 0.4 version. 0.5.5 is another step in that direction and introduces the idea of circles and an implementation of the roles system with them.

A circle is something you can be part of. very much like google plus circles. My father can be in my “family circle” while my blog post can be in the “tech-ramblings circle” – different objects can be associated with different circles. If we look at the roles based implementation we use the circles to represent the current roles a user has so all users get associated with the anonymous circle, but once you are registered you have 2 roles (authenticated and anonymous). Note that circles are heirachical and can contain each others so basically being associated with the “authenticated” circle will make you associated with the “anonymous” circle as well.

I know this is abstract and we might want to designate a whole post to circles and permissions but thats the big news for 0.5.5.

Whats next?

We’re working towards the 1.0 release – let me give you a quick peak into the roadmap ahead…

  • 0.5.6 – menu package, administration fixes
  • 0.6.7 – coding style,minor improvements, testing fixes
  • 1.0rc1 – Dependency injection review, Stability, Test coverage

@brockmckean started a set of wiki pages for brainstorming towards the rc1 release so stay in the loop and feel free to contribute…

  • Nice, I started something about i18n in the Wiki, don’t know if you have already started some efforts on this.

  • Lior Kesos

    Thanks for joinign the discussion,

    since 0.5.4 i18n is in core based on the i18next package and paradigm – http://i18next.com/

  • OK I will have a look, where can I find it in the mean.io source code ?

  • Lior Kesos
  • OK, I did not had the idea to look for this as a new package. IMHO translation is like an ‘aspect’ (as in ‘aspect-oriented’ programming) not a package, what is the interest to do so ? As far as I can see it only serves the purpose to include the i18n libs, if so why not simply include these libs in a core package like system ? Please don’t feel attacked because I only want to make MEA?.IO more friendly but I think it does not follow the KISS principle…

  • Spencer

    Why wasn’t it released on May 5th 😐